I wake up with the Sun in my Eyes

I remember when I was little. How I used to squint at the sun. Seeing bright thin and thick rays glowing straight at me.

I remember how I enjoyed bathing and diving in water. Looking up at the water surface and seeing the hazy sky and blurred trees whilst all sounds felt so distant. It felt like total freedom, an unreality. Like floating while time stands still.

I remember how it was to be in the back of the car when it travelled through the dark evening. Seeing forest and obscure shadows flying by. One by one outside the car window. How the sounding car stereo faintly glowed in the dark with its green, yellow and red lights.

I remember how I sat on the rear of the house under the awning, in blankets, in the pouring rain. How I loved the pattering against the wet canvas and how the air smelled.

– HC